Yearly analysis: The Serbian media about Montenegro

Yearly research of the Digital Forensic Center (DFC), encompassing 11,104 articles with Crna Gora (Montenegro) as the keyword, provides an insight into narratives and the amount at which they were spread by the most read Serbian news portals in Montenegro.

The analysis showed that in the period October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020, the news portals Alo, Espreso, Blic, Srbija danas, Kurir, Informer, and Novosti had continuously been the most read Serbian media in Montenegro. At the same time, they were the ones that had spread the content of debatable quality.

This quantitative and qualitative analysis of the Serbian media outlets’ content on Montenegro reveals the effort to combine real facts with the fake ones, the exaggerations, or the presentation of facts out of the context in order to shape public opinion.

Such reporting leads to dangerous prejudices against Montenegro, its citizens, and institutions among a large number of people in Serbia, but also in Montenegro, having in mind the reach and the readership of these portals in our country as well. It is evident from the foregoing that the Serbian media have been paying great attention to Montenegro, especially since the beginning of the processions, but in an extremely sensationalist and inciting way, often taking information out of the context, violating journalism ethics and human moral code of conduct.

Download the analysis by clicking on the following link or the photo below.