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October 9, 2020News

The 24th DFC Magazine issue brings an interview with Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President of the Atlantic Council of the U.S., which discussed with us, among other things, the influence of disinformation campaigns on democratic...

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September 10, 2020News

The parliamentary elections and the campaign marked the month behind us, which is the reason why this DFC Magazine issue mostly addresses these topics. Therefore, besides debunked disinformation and fake news published on the eve and...


August 24, 2020News

New and fake public opinion research appeared yesterday on social media. It is stated in the post that the IPSOS agency conducted a piece of research for one political party in August. IPSOS agency said for the DFC that the piece of...

Read the new DFC Magazine issue

August 10, 2020News

In the new DFC Magazine issue read what the British Ambassador to Montenegro Alison Kemp told us about the way the United Kingdom is fighting against disinformation and foreign interference. Read about the way the Montenegrin political...

Read the new DFC Magazine issue

July 10, 2020News

In the new DFC Magazine read what Dr. Ognjen Gajic, a doctor at the famous Mayo Clinic said about disinformation being as harmful as the coronavirus; why Facebook groups are destroying America; whether the referendum in Russia made...

More insults from the same address

June 17, 2020Disinfo Cases, News

Proclaiming corona free destination on June 2 and opening the borders for particular countries in the region and Europe incited the new attacks on Montenegro Even though Kosovo and the upcoming elections in Serbia were the occasion and...

A doctor for conspiracy theories

April 26, 2020Disinfo Cases

The Protiv Novog Svetskog Poretka (Against New World Order) Facebook page posted on April 22 a video from the Next News Network TV show with dr. Rashid Buttar. Within fifty minutes, dr. Buttar made many assertions on the novel...

Who is disturbed by bot analysis?

April 15, 2020News, News

After the Digital Forensic Center had published the analysis on new network of bot accounts in Serbia, which was published by almost all local, but also regional and even Chinese, American and Central European media, the web sites of...

DFC on N1

April 14, 2020News, News

Our colleague Milan Jovanovic appeared on the television N1 Srbija (N1 Serbia) and spoke on the hacker attack which followed the analysis on the new bot network in Serbia connected with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. Watch...

DFC Magazine #18

April 12, 2020News, News

These days have seen numerous disinformation and conspiracy theories posted and shared on social media, doing unmeasurable harm to individuals and the community. In this short video, find out what the new DFC Magazine issue brings,...


The beginning of the 21st century marked the shift in definition of the power from conventional, military and hard power to its much more non-violent and non-conventional form, in a way that mass media, social media and information have become weapons of choice. Many countries, Western Balkans states included, face the same challenge of responding and resisting to the disinformation campaigns aimed against them.


Our mission is to identify, explain and counter the problem of disinformation and fake news narratives through open source research; to promote truth and critical thinking; reduce problem of digital/media illiteracy through events, workshops and lectures that will raise awareness of this issue. We have the right to always question and search for the evidences!


The problem of disinformation is broader than any individual country or actor spreading malign narratives. These campaigns are synchronized and systematic, so the response must be as well.That is why we, within Digital Forensic Center, established the foundations for the hub that will fight new media and digital disinformation through the multi-sector and multi-disciplinary approach and cooperation between NGOs, media and governments.