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Disinfo Brief #13
This short form presents an overview of all the previous month’s most significant (dis)information and analysis. In the new edition,...
The reaction of the DFC to the attempt of intimidation and disinformation of GP URA
The Digital Forensic Center analyzed the advertising of political parties on the Facebook social network for the local elections in...
Over 15,000 EUR of unknown origin for the promotion of GP URA on Facebook
Data and Analysis of spending on political advertisements via Facebook for the recently held local elections campaign in fourteen Montenegrin...
Monitoring of Serbian media 2021/22 on the topic of Montenegro
The analysis of the one-year monitoring conducted by the Digital Forensic Center in the period from October 1, 2021, to...
Montenegro in the GRU activity network
Current security events have again shed light on hybrid Russian activities in Montenegro, this time through a well-organized intelligence network,...
Who Governs our Extreme Right-Wing?
Dilemmas about the activities of the extreme right-wing in Montenegro have come to the fore lately, in parallel with the...

How to Spot Disinformation?

Check the Source

Click away from the story to investigate the site.

Check the Date

Reposting old news stories doesn't mean they’re relevant to the current events.

Supporting Sources

Check whether the links provided support the story.

Is it Authentic?

Use Google reverse image search to check original photo source.

Check the Author

Do a quick search on the author? Is he/she credible?

Is it a Joke?

Maybe it’s a satire. Research the author and website to find out.

Personal Bias

Consider if your own beliefs could affect your judgement.

Check the Mainstream Media

Or other fact-checking websites.


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Disinfo Brief #13
Monitoring of the Serbian media outlets 2021/22


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