The beginning of the 21st century marked the shift in definition of the power from conventional, military and hard power to its much more non-violent and non-conventional form, in a way that mass media, social media and information have become weapons of choice. Many countries, Western Balkans states included, face the same challenge of responding and resisting to the disinformation campaigns aimed against them.


Our mission is to identify, explain and counter the problem of disinformation and fake news narratives through open source research; to promote truth and critical thinking; reduce problem of digital/media illiteracy through events, workshops and lectures that will raise awareness of this issue. We have the right to always question and search for the evidences!


The problem of disinformation is broader than any individual country or actor spreading malign narratives. These campaigns are synchronized and systematic, so the response must be as well.That is why we, within Digital Forensic Center, established the foundations for the hub that will fight new media and digital disinformation through the multi-sector and multi-disciplinary approach and cooperation between NGOs, media and governments.