What do the numbers say?

The topic of NATO on the territory of Montenegro and Serbia is an inexhaustible source for various conspiracy theories, placing unverified information and disinformation.

One of those topics, which was and still is alive, not only in the media but in the public as well, is that Montenegro has not had and will not have economic benefits in terms of increased foreign direct investment since joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Guided by this and the recent writing of IN4S portal, which states that “Montenegro’s flattering to NATO has no benefits”, “no increase from the member states’ investments since joining the Alliance”, and “that Russia is the largest investor alongside Azerbaijan”, we have decided to analyze this issue, through a chronological comparison of the investments of NATO member states on one and the Russian Federation on the other side.

Data available and taken from the Central Bank of Montenegro are very clear and confirm that foreign direct investments from 2018 are much more significant compared to the ones from 2017, but also to the previous years. Specifically, among NATO member states, the biggest investors were: Italy – EUR 116 million, Hungary – EUR 59 million, Turkey – EUR 53 million and UK – EUR 48 million.