The Serbian World – Originally Borrowed Concept

Serbia has distinguished itself as a testing ground for articulating Russian interests, as a predominantly Orthodox state, in which the notions of nationality and religion are considered identical. Issues of nation and religion are often mixed, and Serbianness and Orthodoxy are equated. These are very suitable specifics for the action of Russian soft power in Serbia, but also in the wider area of the Western Balkans. 

Recently, the concept of the Serbian world has been widely exploited, referring mainly to the insatiable Greater Serbia ambitions for expanding its influence beyond the borders of the Republic of Serbia. The construct of the Serbian world is a counterpart to the initiative of Russian peace (world) and is essentially a continuation of the old hegemonic idea of a Greater Serbia, which was one of the main causes of the disintegration of Yugoslavia and bloody ethnic conflicts on its territory in the 1990s.

Accordingly, the DFC made a comprehensive analysis of the concept of the Serbian world and the attempt to drown Montenegro in it. You can see the analysis of the basis of this concept, its implementation, comparison with Ukraine and goals, as well as the conclusions HERE or by clicking on the image below.