Our Djordje Stojovic, whose hero is he?

DJORDJE STOJOVIC, a 13-year-old boy from the Montenegrin village Martinici (Danilovgrad Municipality) has shown tremendous humanity and courage, by saving his friend from drowning in the river Zeta which flows through Danilovgrad, Montenegro. All regional media reported on this heroic deed. And this truly is an act worthy of respect and attention of the media.

However, on September 18, 2019, the Serbian portal Espreso, manipulating this information on purpose, published a text under the title: ĐORĐE (13) IS A HERO OF SERBIA.

Even though Djordje is wearing the Montenegrin folk costume on the photo, the headline suggests its Serbian ethnicity.

By alluding already in the title to the nationality of the young hero, the Espreso portal, seeks to draw the attention of the readers of the Serbian nationality in a cheap manner, thereby provoking their empathy and national pride.

On the other hand, it is disputable whether the Espreso portal with this tendentious title wants to potentially provoke a revolt of the Montenegrin readers familiar with the facts, because it is clear from the further text that it is about a boy from the village Martinici located in Montenegro.

Is the goal of sharing this false information obtaining the largest possible number of views and/or fueling already increased tensions in the Serbian and Montenegrin public? Whatever the case, it is dangerous, and it is certainly disgraceful that this stupendous act of Djordje Stojovic, worthy of admiration, is abused for daily political purposes.