Disinfo Brief #13

This short form presents an overview of all the previous month’s most significant (dis)information and analysis. In the new edition, you can read about: Narratives published by the most widely read media from Serbia in Montenegro in the last year; DFC analysis Who governs our extreme far-right, which treats the genesis and operation of these […]

The reaction of the DFC to the attempt of intimidation and disinformation of GP URA

The Digital Forensic Center analyzed the advertising of political parties on the Facebook social network for the local elections in Montenegro, held on October 23, 2022. years. Analysis and official Facebook data precisely show how much money was spent on political marketing from the official pages of local election participants. Also, the research unequivocally indicates […]

Disinformation vertigo

During the previous days, several disinformation related to the war in Ukraine appeared in the Montenegrin media, as well as on social networks. On April 3, 2022, a photo montage of a photo from a rally in support of Ukraine in Cetinje appeared on social networks Twitter and Facebook. In the image from the rally, […]

Civilians are targets of Russian attacks, after all

Unlike the European Union and social networks, which are trying to mitigate the effects of Russian propaganda, it is flourishing in Montenegro. Through certain portals, TV stations, networks such as Telegram, information, precisely and consistently harmonized with Moscow’s views, is being spread. This morning, another disinformation was published on the IN4S portal, stating that the […]

The Russian MID did not insert the Montenegrin coat of arms in Navalny’s documentary

A video-investigation conducted by the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin spent a huge amount of money on the extravagant palace at the Black Sea, generated more than 100 million views, just ten weeks after it has become viral. Alexei Navalny’s team posted the video after Navalny had been taken […]

Serbian citizens are not arrested only for possessing three-color flags

One of tonight’s breaking news was that the Montenegrin police found 26,500 euros, laptops, and Serbian flags in the possession of three Serbian citizens and one inhabitant of Pljevlja, on the Rance border crossing. The citizens of Serbia, Rastko Pleskonjic, Mileta Mitrovic, and Nemanja Stajic as well as the Pljevlja inhabitant Radosav Sljivancanin that were […]

Media spin about riots on Christmas

A couple of days before Christmas Eve and Christmas, numerous texts envisaging riots and chaos in Montenegro, planned allegedly by supporters of President Milo Djukanovic, were published. On January 3, Montenegro and Serbia-based news portals IN4S, Vidovdan, and Nacionalist started spreading the narratives on Djukanovic’s supporters calling for an uprising during Christmas. The articles read […]

A false state anthem inserted instead of the real one

After the constitutive session of the Parliament of Montenegro, a false edited video of the intonation of the state anthem appeared on social media. The video posted by Facebook page Српска ЧАСТ + Srpska ČAST is not authentic since the original interpretation of the anthem Oh Bright Down of May performed by the Music School […]

Ivan Kontic, an innocent man became the target of the media and public

A disturbing video from Novi Sad displaying a young man brutally beating another man and breaking his arms while he was lying unconscious on the ground, appeared on social media on September 11. The identified perpetrator, Ivan Kontic from Montenegro that the police are intensively looking for, was the main topic of the Serbian media […]

Carevic did not seize public property, the Aktuelno news portal published disinfo

The Aktuelno news portal published today disinformation in an article entitled: Bato’s rules in the SAO Budva: He opened a restaurant on the land seized from the state!? The article states that Marko Bato Carevic opened the national cuisine restaurant Carevic in the village Krimovica (the Municipality of Kotor) on land seized from the state. […]