Carevic did not seize public property, the Aktuelno news portal published disinfo

The Aktuelno news portal published today disinformation in an article entitled: Bato’s rules in the SAO Budva: He opened a restaurant on the land seized from the state!? The article states that Marko Bato Carevic opened the national cuisine restaurant Carevic in the village Krimovica (the Municipality of Kotor) on land seized from the state. They added that the news portal’s editorial board received many messages asking how it is possible that somebody illegally builds and opens a national cuisine restaurant and how come that there was not a reaction from an inspection body?

To truthfully inform of the public, we inform that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism issued to Marko Bato Carevic an authorization for performing hospitality activities, such as the opening of the national cuisine restaurant. For such authorization to be issued, it is necessary to submit the proof of ownership, which was done by submitting the real estate folio No. 836.