Under the Loupe 002: Bozena Jelusic

Podcast Under the Loupe represents a short video form of a conversation with the experts in certain fields, in order to raise awareness of disinformation, media literacy, and technologies.

In episode 002, we are talking with Bozena Jelusic, a professor of Literature and Media Literacy, about what media literacy presents, what the situation is like in Montenegro, and why we need this subject in the school curriculum on all educational levels.

Bozena Jelusic graduated and obtained her MA degree at the Department of General Literature and Theory of Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. After completing her studies, she was working as a professor of Literature and Media Literacy in the Grammar School Danilo Kis in Budva until 2017. She received the highest Montenegrin award in the field of education, OKTOIH (2000). From the beginning, she has been included in the reform of the Montenegrin education system as a member of the Council for General Education, methodologist of the literature and media education, author of the school curriculum, and the readers for the fourth grade of the grammar school. She initiated the introduction of the Media Literacy subject in the Montenegrin education system, the same year when UNESCO adopted the Paris Declaration on Media and Information Literacy. She is a member of the Media Literacy Coalition and actively cooperates as an expert in the Institute for Education and NGOs engaged in media literacy. Since recently, she is an MP in the Parliament of Montenegro.