The EU does not prevent pro-Serbian parties from entering the Government

The political situation in Montenegro is quite complex. The Parliament and the Government of Montenegro have not been functioning for a long time due to disagreements between the constituents of the parliamentary majority. All attempts to restructure the Government, and the entry of the DF into the composition of the Government, have so far been unsuccessful.

The international community and Montenegro’s partners have repeatedly expressed concern over the possible entry of the DF into the executive power. The messages that arrived always emphasized that the foreign policy course of Montenegro must not change and that every Montenegrin Government that nurtures Euroatlantic values will have the support of the international community. Such views were also expressed by EU representatives in a text published by Radio Free Europe.

However, certain Serbian tabloids used this text as an occasion to spread disinformation along with sensationalism and the already established narrative about the endangerment of Serbs in Montenegro. In the articles, the Serbian tabloids Alo, Informer and Objektiv, claimed that the European Union was preventing Serbian parties from entering the restructured Government.

In a statement for RFE, Marko Makovec, director for the Western Balkans and the European External Action Service, said that if the DF is invited to the government, it must be clear that it will support the geostrategic orientation that implies a European path. This statement clearly indicates that the EU does not block the entry of Serbian parties into the Government, but that the EU’s support for a possible restructured government depends on its foreign policy orientation.

Also, Democratic Front MPs do not perceive the messages of EU officials as an obstacle to the party’s entry into the Government.

We are not aware that any of the European officials said that the DF should not enter the Government. Such impression is obtained by certain incorrect and rigged headlines in which what was actually said has been distorted and falsified, MP of the Democratic Front Jovan Vucurovic said.

The fact is that this is just another in a series of disinformation of the Serbian tabloids, which aims to make even deeper divisions and further radicalize Montenegrin society.