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The new DFC magazine issue brings the overview of events in Niksic as it heads into the local elections on March 14. Read about fake researches circulating on the Internet ahead of the local elections, media campaign from Serbia, and activities of the Montenegrin and Serbian political actors and activists. Also, the DFC conducted research on the popularity of the Twitter accounts of five Montenegrin politicians between December 15, 2020, and January 15, 2021, which showed how much of their popularity comes from and outside Montenegro. For our column, Interview on the occasion, we interviewed Ph.D. Milos Vukcevic, a lawyer and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Mediterranean University. For this DFC magazine issue, he talked about the right to privacy, misuse of personal data, and online identity theft, and how all these phenomena are dealt with by the Criminal Code and Montenegrin legislation.

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