Outright deception of the public

A coordinated campaign against Montenegro, which has been spreading negative and bizarre disinformation over the last 3 months, continues unabated

Another narrative has emerged in the last few days: NATO requires from the President of Montenegro to introduce a state of emergency, as a response to current litanies, that are being held twice a week. This fake news was initially published on the Serbian portal Srpsko ujedinjenje, and later on transmitted by other Serbian portals Alo, Vidovdan and Opcija.

All of the articles promoting this narrative have a couple of inconsistencies in common:

  1. They claim, without any credible evidence, that dozens of NATO special units have arrived in Montenegro, have rented villas in Podgorica and Budva and have largely been working on a project of breaking the Serbian Orthodox Church back.
  2. Allegedly, NATO special forces are under the command of Stuart Peach, located outside Montenegro. Marshal Stuart Peach is a chairman of the NATO Military Committee and has no mandate to command over NATO forces, but to advise, from a military aspect, the North Atlantic Council, as the most important NATO body
  3. Contents of the articles state, without any sources and evidence provided, that President Đukanović was informed during his recent trip to the US that any compromise with the Serbian Orthodox Church would be a slap to NATO and it would be unacceptable.
  4. The mentioned portals cite Montenegrin media as sources. The fact is that no Montenegrin media has written about a potential state of the emergency. This topic was discussed only in a letter of the Democratic Front addressed to Aivo Orav and to the EU mission in Montenegro.

The Ministry of Defense of Montenegro also responded to these writings, announcing that the Ministry denies allegations in some Serbian media outlets about engaging NATO special forces in Montenegro. They are absolutely false and, once again, with tendency of flagrantly disinforming and deceiving the public.