The fire that devastated cathedral Notre-Dame in Paris is “God’s punishment”, reported on Monday on April 15th two Serbian tabloids Aloand Informer, because last year Kosovo’s flag was hoisted there during the manifestation celebrating 100 years since the end of the World War I.  The flag of the “fake state of Kosovo” was hoisted at […]

During an average workday, a single minute might seem negligible. If you’re lucky, a minute might buy you enough time to write a quick email, grab a coffee from the break room, or make small talk with a coworker But, when it comes to the Internet a lot can happen in just 60 seconds, as […]

The article was taken from Radio Free Europe Facebook said on March 26 that it has deleted more than 2,600 fake pages and accounts linked to Russia, Iran, North Macedonia, and Kosovo as the firm continues a crackdown against troll networks that try to manipulate public opinion in other countries.  Facebook cyber security chief Nathaniel Gleicher […]

After the measles outbreak had started in the northwest of the USA, and the subsequent YouTube decision from March to remove ads supporting anti-vaccination position, Facebook, which was heavily criticized for failing to undertake measures against conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccination narratives, decided to stop spreading of fake news concerning vaccines. They intend to do so […]

The global internet continues to fragment. Governments, in particular, are using their influence to shape the ways that digital companies, markets, and rights connect us online. This new form of realpolitik, which we call “digitalpolitik,” is an emerging tactical playbook for how governments use their political, regulatory, military, and commercial powers to project influence in […]

This article was taken from Foreign Policy Putin wants soldiers to stop revealing the secrets of his shadow wars on their social media pages. In early 2015, Ukraine’s pro-Russian separatists defeated government forces in the city of Debaltseve in a major battle that seemed to prove something about the balance of forces in the conflict: The […]

Strict control of broadcasting on television was a key element during Vladimir Putin’s nearly 20-year reign. The vast majority of Russians continue to get most of their information from TV, giving the Kremlin a powerful tool for shaping public perceptions. Leonid Krivenkov worked as a camera operator for the Rossia-24 round-the-clock news channel from 2006 […]

Countries that are going through a transitioning period have been facing the population outflow for years. In times of crisis and conflicts, people with higher qualifications always leave for better working conditions. Waves of emigration, especially at the beginning and at the end of the 20th century, were almost always directed towards Western Europe and […]

Three Ukrainian Navy vessels left the Port of Odessa on November 23rd, and arrived to the entrance of the Kerch Strait two days later. They were on their way to the Ukrainian port of Mariupol in the Sea of Azov. Russian FSB operated Coast Guard vessels violently prevented them to enter the Sea of Azov […]

A joint investigation between Bellingcat and The Insider has identified a second GRU officer, who was involved in the 2016 Montenegro coup, as Vladimir Nikolaevich Moiseev. Two officers from Russia’s military intelligence (GRU) are sought, via Interpol, as suspected organizers of an unsuccessful 2016 coup in Montenegro. The true identity of one officer is public, […]