Montenegro is the least developed society in Europe when it comes to media and informatics literacy. Instead of searching for reliable information on relevant media, we wait for them to appear on social media, estimated Zoran Markovic Zonjo, director and member of The Books of Knjige (TBOK) organization, in the interview for the DFC Magazine. […]

Last days, the intensive anti-Montenegrin campaign on the Serbian portals aims at degrading the image of Montenegro as an attractive tourist destination. The Serbian and pro-Serbian media are not missing the opportunity to emphasize the weaknesses of the tourist offer on Montenegrin littoral, while simultaneously favoring other destinations. Not considering the essence of the Montenegrin […]

Sputnik just published a piece of information, which was republished by many media in Montenegro and Serbia. The information claims that the judges refused to try Bishop Joanikije and that they gave a written statement about it. That it is about common fake news and its malicious spreading in order to create chaos in Montenegro […]

A photography of a wounded baby was circulating on social media last night. A description of the posts on social media stated that the injuries on the baby’s face were caused by the police officers in Niksic, which is the additional proof of their alleged brutality. Along with the pages on Facebook, the photo was […]

Measures introduced to prevent the spreading of coronavirus are in force in Montenegro just like in the rest of the world. Even though the citizens are obliged to comply with the measures in order to avoid possible consequences, the narrative that the church and believers are among the main targets and victims of the „regime […]

After the Digital Forensic Center had published the analysis on new network of bot accounts in Serbia, which was published by almost all local, but also regional and even Chinese, American and Central European media, the web sites of the DFC, Atlantic Council of Montenegro and “2BS” Forum have been constantly attacked by hackers since […]

Our colleague Milan Jovanovic appeared on the television N1 Srbija (N1 Serbia) and spoke on the hacker attack which followed the analysis on the new bot network in Serbia connected with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. Watch the video bellow to find out what are the characteristics of these bot accounts, when these campaigns […]

After the Digital Forensic Center had published the analysis on new bot network in Serbia, which was taken by all domestic, regional but also Chinese and American media, the web sites of DFC, Atlantic Council of Montenegro and To be secure forum were taken down for a short period of time. Let us remind that […]

These days have seen numerous disinformation and conspiracy theories posted and shared on social media, doing unmeasurable harm to individuals and the community. In this short video, find out what the new DFC Magazine issue brings, which can be also downloaded on our website.

What are the main disinformation on COVID-19 which the DFC detected? Does the 5G network have an impact on the pandemic? What was the number of posts on coronavirus on social media in ex-Yugoslav countries? What are the powers that mostly spread the disinformation on coronavirus? Our colleague Borislav Visnjic talked about it in the […]