Negation of Montenegro – the narrative that dominates

Negation of Montenegro – the narrative that dominates and by that could be heard in the IN4Smisija (IN4Smission) TV show of a newly founded the IN4S National television on July 14, was also rich with debatable statements. Besides the general attitude that Serbs have been endangered all across the Western Balkan region, the TV show participants – historian Sasa Adamovic and MPs in the new Parliament of Serbia, Vladan Glisic (Serbian Patriotic Alliance – SPAS) and Vladimir Djukanovic (Serbian Progressive Party), made unfounded claims that the government in Montenegro is performing ethnic engineering. They also spread the idea present for some time now about the creation of the national strategy aiming at integrating and connecting all Serbs from the Balkans.

To realize such a plan, according to the participants, it was necessary to use the current collapse of the new world order and global politics. The starting point is strong Serbia, which, owing to its allegedly economic domination, would perform its influence in Croatia, Montenegro, and B&H. It was stated that Serbia is able to finance different projects such as the IN4S National television. The participants think that in that way, it will contribute to the preservation of values of the true old Montenegro, which have been disappearing today. Their conclusion is that the state order of Montenegro should be respected, but also Serbia should interfere and will interfere whenever it is necessary to protect Serbs because it has all human and God’s rights to do it.

The Montenegrin nation will be a derivative of the Serbian cultural space

Numerous problematic attitudes on the Montenegrin identity and the authorities in Podgorica were expressed in the show. The most prominent is the one that Montenegro will always be Serbian; we should just let a life flow naturally. This does not mean that the Montenegrin-hood and Montenegrin nation will not exist, as it was stated. However, according to the participants, the Montenegrin nation, to the extent in which it would exist, will be a derivative of the Serbian cultural space. During the TV show, the Montenegrin regime was described as neo-Ustasha multiple times and Montenegro as Red Croatia.

the IN4S National television founded on June 28 in Belgrade

Supporting the meddling of the church into the state affairs with the emphasize that the church should be consulted about numerous matters clearly describes the ideology of the participants. Quoting Metropolitan Amfilohije and commending his statement that one cannot participate in the processions and vote for the DPS at the same time is also indicative in this context

The idea of integration of the Serbian people has been present in the media for some time now. The concept of the Strategic trine: Belgrade – Banjaluka – Podgorica, or the concept of the so-called Serbian world was presented recently. News portal Sve o Srpskoj wrote on this concept for the first time and after that – the news portal IN4S. The premise of the concept is to unite the Serbian people around identity and cultural aspects through three centers, while they would consult mutually regarding the important issues and act together when it is possible.

The abovementioned indicates that the IN4S show is built upon on the idea of the Strategic trine and both concepts have a strong notion of nationalism.