NATO base in Nikšić

“Nikšić is currently the only option for relocating a military airport, in case if the existing Golubovci is no longer defined as a special purpose place for the needs of the Army of Montenegro”, announced the Montenegrin Minister of Defense Predrag Bošković during his working visit to Nikšić on February 4th 2019. In order to carry out such an opportunity, he said, it is necessary for the Municipality of Nikšić to, primarily at Kapino Polje, where the airport is located, realize the necessary infrastructural facilities that need to be defined prior to making decision on relocation.

In4s.netportal used the potential relocation of a military airport to, once again, give the impression to the public that everything in Montenegro is being done in the interest of NATO, while, at the same time, interests of the state are being neglected.

An article under the title “Writing of IN4S Confirmed: Kapino polje – a Runway for NATO Aircrafts”, was published on the in4s portal on Monday, February 4th.


The text states that the NATO is getting its foot in the Montenegrin door, and that everyone who did not believe in it got a confirmation, personally from the “Montenegrin NATO Ambassador”, Minister Predrag Bošković.

What is disputable about the content is the fact that the entire article is based on statements given by both the Minister and the Mayor of Nikšić, who, not once, did mention NATO. Therefore, it is concluded that there is a great discrepancy between title and content, raising the question of what kind of confirmation was given by Bošković and Grbović.

“I hope that issues relating to the airport at Kapino Polje will be implemented in the coming period, in order for it to be able to respond to requests of partly civilian and military aviation. Today, we have also discussed the planning and the reconstruction of military garrisons, the construction of facilities of the General Staff, and the fact that the suggested deadlines should be met, some of which are urgent. Our Agency is already working on this, and I hope that we will respond to the needs of the Army, which will further implement these projects ” – Grbović’s statement based on which the author of the text came to the conclusion that in the future NATO aircraft will be landing in Kapino polje.


In addition, the text itself represents the recycling of old content. During the Bošković’s visit to the town at the foot of Trebjesa in November 2018, the Minister pointed out that there is a possibility of relocating a military airport from Podgorica to Kapino Polje, due to the intentions of expanding the civilian airport in Podgorica. Shortly after, the In4s portal reacts, and publishes the text in which almost the same claims are made as it is now, adding that the Montenegrin government offers its cities for NATO basis purposes. In the next few days, the text was republished by numerous other, mostly Serbian media outlets.

This writing is a classic example of the text content that does not correspond to the title, with a view to deceiving the reader, while on the other hand, recycling unverified information extends life cycle of this disinformation.