It did (not) happen again

According to another reporting of the Borba portal, the Montenegrin citizens were players of the international cocaine smuggling, this time in Johannesburg. As reported, Mihailo Pavicevic and Matija Kascelan were found on September 29 during a police action, after one arrested fellow citizen gave information on them to the police. According to the portal findings, both men are still in the city, hiding from the police, while around 20 other persons have been arrested.

Allegedly, both men were connected to Gorg Darmanovic, the double agent from ZAR, who was murdered in Novi Beograd and was allegedly connected to the country’s underworld.

The news was reported a day later, on September 30, by the Serbian portal Kurir.

However, it turned out that it was another fake news related to the topic. The denials came from the South African authorities, when the spokesperson of the police, Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo, highlighted that such arrests did not occur and that it was fake news. He added that neither were the intelligence services informed about these events.

Unfortunately, frequent tendentious reporting of the Borba portal and its propaganda activities aim at presenting the Montenegrins as the bad guys. Referring to their own sources only, and never to publicly available information, the Borba portal posts pose a threat to professional journalism and objective and true informing.