Harsh words exchanged

Guca event in Budva, announced at the beginning, did not take place after all.

There are many events in Budva this summer, newspaper columns are swarming with controversial statements of members of the leading (coalition) parties who cannot agree on many matters. Everything is heated up by who said, wrote, and signed what, just as these August days are. Still, it seems that the big guns in the media were brought out after the announcement that the Assembly of Trumpet Players from Guca will be held in Budva at the end of August.

Portals Alo, Srbija Danas and Telegraf paid special attention to a statement of Dragan Ivancevic, an official of Crnogorska. According to their reporting, he said:

Events such as the Assembly of Trumpet Players from Guca which can bring iconography and entertainment promoting the disappearance of Montenegrin state in 1918 and alike are taking place in Budva. 

Evidence supporting such statement do not exist.

This was followed by attention-grabbing headlines of Alo and Srbija Danas portals, including: Echo of modern fascism in Montenegro-extreme paranoia, Budva has risen against the Serbs, repression has begun, etc. which further add fuel to the fire and inflame national passions, which certainly speaks of the increasingly prominent phenomenon of the Montenegrin society polarization.

The thing that bothered DFC magazine the most in the story about Guca in Budva, apart from spreading disinformation in the public by publishing untrue statements, is exaggerated rhetoric of the narratives, which can be a trigger of conflict. However, it appears that circumstances in Budva are best described by a well-known maxim divide and conquer!