From coronavirus as a global experiment to the endangered Serbs in Montenegro

The appearance of a publicist Danilo Tvrdisic on the National TV IN4S in the Srpski svijet (The Serbian World) TV show on July 19 was marked by the narratives on coronavirus, as the greatest global experiment in the history of mankind, but also on the events in Montenegro – indispensable topic of IN4S.

When the journalist asked him to comment on the world current affairs regarding coronavirus pandemic, Tvrdisic stated that the global experiment is in force currently, the greatest socio-psychological-media experiment in the history of human civilization, with media injecting fear among people. He completed his conspiracy theory with the claims that the terminology is very significant and in the context of the virus – it is very dramatic. He stated that someone is striving to amplify the drama and planetary fear, which results in the deprivation of human liberty.

The publicist expressed the thesis that two phases of global answers come to the stage when human consciousness changes due to the fear. The first one is a voluntary giving of the personal and individual rights and freedoms, while in the second phase – people will be deprived of the rest of their freedom. All of this is performed for a defense from a great apocalyptical evil and trouble – the coronavirus, Tvrdisic stated. He mentioned Israel and Middle East countries as an example of deprivation of freedoms, where people in self-isolation are being watched by thermal imaging cameras and wiretapped, while particular programs are being inserted into their cellphones. Even though we know that thermal imaging cameras may be helpful in recognition of the novel coronavirus symptoms and are being used in Israel in the car industry or crowded areas such as hospitals and shopping malls, it is not recorded that they are installed to observe and wiretap people in self-isolation. When it comes to cellphones, there are no inserted programs but the security services are tracking the location of the infected citizens through cellphones, which has been approved by the Israeli Parliament.

Comparison with the Pavlov’s conditioned reflex

In his speech, the publicist made an analogy between the current state and experiment with dogs of Russian scientist Pavlov. He is comparing Pavlov directing of dogs in a wanted direction with directing of people whose behavior is irrational.

He also reflected on the usage of masks, stating that the World Health Organization claimed in the beginning of the pandemic that masks could not protect you in open spaces or in public, and that only the infected ones need it. Now, he added, everything is changing spontaneously and masks are saving the society. He commented on this phenomenon as the beginning of shifting the will of humanity in the direction of the one who created this experiment. The attitude of the WHO in the beginning indeed was that masks are not needed in open spaces and that only the infected ones have to wear them, but after new information and results of the research, new instructions and recommendations were made – masks may represent a barrier against potentially contagious droplets. We are advising governments to encourage their citizens to wear the masks in public, said Maria Van Kerkhove, an epidemiologist of the WHO, claiming that now they have new proofs of the transmission risks.

Tvrdisic: Coronavirus is programmed

Tvrdisic admits that the novel coronavirus does exist but he also thinks that the explosion of fear is much more dangerous, adding that the contradictory messages on the virus itself and its transmission are being spread. Even though Dr. Branimir Nestorovic, member of the Crisis Staff, spread the contradictory statements on the virus at the beginning of the pandemic, Tvrdisic does not mind it; he even agrees with Dr. Nestorovic that the appearance of the second wave of the virus will be a clear indicator that the virus is programmed and instrumentalized

Two options for humanity

Tvrdisic is convinced that we are entering the stage when there are only two possible options for humanity. One option is that people accept the current situation imposed by the WHO and global centers of power, and be directed at one way only, without big pockets of resistance. However, it cannot last forever, because humanity will completely lose the purpose of its existence, he says. He wants to believe that such a scenario will never occur, because that is what was presented in the apocalypse: the time will come when no one could buy or sell anything without the mark, whatever it would be – the vaccine-mark or the chip-mark.

Still, he believes that the critical thinking of the civilization will be awaken, that all freedom-loving people will realize where the world is going and that they will raise their voices against this new imposed totalitarian system and pull of a victory over civilization evil, which has been putting us in global quarantine.

Rockefeller and Bill Gates the main WHO sponsors

The discussion over coronavirus between TV host Velja Cipic and his guest Danilo Tvrdisic was continued about the World Health Organization and its position in this new situation. The host highlighted that the Organization was established by the Rockefeller foundation and that it works in private interests, which was supported by Tvrdisic’s information that 60% of its finances is coming from private funds, and that it is an open secret that Bill Gates is its main sponsor.

What is striking is his theory that Bill Gates is doing the same thing he did once with computer viruses – creates a virus and releases it, and then he erns huge money by creating anti-viruses. He also talked about conspiracy in practice, as he put it, an alleged plan and Bill Gates’s philanthropic goals to reduce the planet population, a theory debunked many times before. He continued in the same manner by stating that Gates and his laboratory in Wuhan did the research on viruses, and that there is a suspicion that the virus escaped from one of his laboratories there.

He concluded that the WHO is representing the interests of Gates and Soros, whose ideological professor is Robert Malthus and his work An Essay on the Principle of Population.

People in Montenegro have been returning to factory settings

The guest of the Srpski svijet (The Serbian world) TV show has commented on the current developments in Montenegro, gladly showing happiness and thrill about people in Montenegro having been returned to factory settings – that is their Serbhood and Orthodoxy, by entering the streets.

His interpretation did not miss the narrative on people having awaken to defend their religious rights, because someone decided to take those most precious things away from them by passing a decree. Tvrdisic thinks that a flood of people, which could be seen at the processions, is yet unseen example of those who did not bow down, an example of spiritual uprising since the famous Battle of Mojkovac. The guest included the uprising against seizure of the shrines in the periods of national awakenings, together with the events at Gazimestan (‘’89), the time when they said no to NATO (‘’99) and the death of Patriarch Pavel (2009). He showed how proud he is about that and he is convinced that the events in Montenegro are a sapling for Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, and the all freedom-loving Serbs.

An indispensable topic was the endangered Serbs in Montenegro, and as he said, Milo Djukanovic is concerned by the developments; he decided to use a much bigger tool of repression and to attack the Orthodox Church and Serbs. Tvrdisic is not an optimist when it comes to the developments in Montenegro and he thinks that the conversion-prone regime has crossed some of those red lines, which fears him, but he still hopes that the dramatic scenario will not occur.