Using the Fake News Index, the Digital Forensics Center ranks media outlets that have published and have been proven to be authors of fake news or disinformation as defined by the DFC’s established methodology. Each media outlet whose one media report gets one of these categories automatically enters the Index.

The index is created for a period of 12 months, and the current list is updated on a monthly basis. Portals are ranked by the number of fake news/disinformation published, using the declining principle, so that in the first place is always the one which published the largest number of fake articles in the observed period.

Under “disinformation” is considered article/media report that:

  • contains a combination of true, semi-truthful and false contents/information,
  • this does not necessarily imply, that this media outlet is aware of the inaccurate information or/and is linked to the source of disinfo, or that it has intentionally sought to disinform.

Under “fake news” is considered article/media report that:

  • is original article/media report that contains completely inaccurate and not-fact based information and content
  • this content is created with a particular aim of disinforming the public, hence, distort the truth and show false info as facts

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* – The portals do not operate anymore.