Disinformation Cases

This database represents a collection of all disinformation, fake news and misinformation cases our Digital Forensic Center Team had researched, categorized and debunked. DFC focuses on key messages carried in Montenegrin and wider information space, spreading semi-truthful, distorted or completely false information with the goal of discrediting and undermining democratic countries and societies.

Taking into consideration definitions above, two things are necessary to expose and explain either disinformation or fake news:

  1. Proof that the claims made are false.
  2. Proof that the falsehood was intentional.

Have you found a disputable article? Please share it with us, alongside things you find questionable.

The daily Informer published an article under the title: “Trump imposing sanctions to Shiptars: Not abolishing taxes until Monday will result in a blockade”. It the sensational manner are been highlighted the alleged statements of the American President, Donald Trump, on the imposition of sanctions to politicians from Kosovo and on his deadline given in […]

Disinforming citizens with a view to raising panic The Serbian organization Pravo na izbor posted on its Facebook page that NATO, in its book Immunological Adjuvants[1] and Vaccines, marked the vaccines as a biological weapon. The Pravo na izbor organization posted on its page an image highlighting that in this book on page 37 it […]

On February 6, 2019, a day after Macedonia signed the Accession Protocol to NATO, Sputnik Serbia published on its website an article on similar content, trying to attract readers with the catchy title: „Goodbye Macedonia! If joins NATO, Serbia will have to change its name as well“. The text states that the citizens of Macedonia […]

“Nikšić is currently the only option for relocating a military airport, in case if the existing Golubovci is no longer defined as a special purpose place for the needs of the Army of Montenegro”, announced the Montenegrin Minister of Defense Predrag Bošković during his working visit to Nikšić on February 4th 2019. In order to […]

“Death, blood, war, insults, exclusive confidential findings and the announcement of the apocalypse are characteristic for the cover pages of the pro-regime tabloid Informer” – this is how the team of Raskrikavanje described the mentioned media. The analysis that they carried out, looking back to 2018, indicated that the Informer had 351 fake, i.e. not […]

The Government of Kosovo passed the decision on forming the Army of Kosovo, after the Parliament of Kosovo unanimously voted the Law on Kosovo Security Force. 106 MPs out of 120 seated Parliament of Kosovo, voted for passing on the Law, with total 45 amendments. The session was boycotted by the minority Serb MPs. Belgrade […]

There are several topics that have being recycled for years, and certain media will see to provide some of them with the never-ending shelf life. Considerable share of conspiracy theories, spins, unverified and disinformation narratives on the territory of Montenegro, concerns not as much Montenegro, as the NATO Alliance. Such narratives, playing the emotional card, […]