Disinformation Cases

This database represents a collection of all disinformation, fake news and misinformation cases our Digital Forensic Center Team had researched, categorized and debunked. DFC focuses on key messages carried in Montenegrin and wider information space, spreading semi-truthful, distorted or completely false information with the goal of discrediting and undermining democratic countries and societies.

Taking into consideration definitions above, two things are necessary to expose and explain either disinformation or fake news:

  1. Proof that the claims made are false.
  2. Proof that the falsehood was intentional.

Have you found a disputable article? Please share it with us, alongside things you find questionable.

On July 9, Borba portal published the news about the seizure of over 100 kilograms of cocaine from a ship in the Chilean town of Vina del Mar, where were five seafarers of Montenegrin origin on board. A number of Serbian and Montenegrin portals, such as IN4S, RTS, B92, Blic, FOS Media, Mondo, Portal Analitika […]

Due to aggravating tensions on relation Podgorica-Belgrade caused by the Proposal of the Law on Freedom of Religion, specific portals seem to strive bolstering them, thus, creating an illusion for their readers. Specific media outlets tendentiously gave a sensational note to the participation of the Army of Montenegro in Immediate Response 2019 (IR19) exercises, held […]

Over the last years, and particularly over the last months, we witnessed very intensive negative campaigns on Serbian media portals aimed at deteriorating the image of Montenegro as a preferable tourist destination The Serbian and pro-Serbian media do not miss an opportunity to point out at all the tourist offer shortcomings on the Montenegrin coast. […]

DJORDJE STOJOVIC, a 13-year-old boy from the Montenegrin village Martinici (Danilovgrad Municipality) has shown tremendous humanity and courage, by saving his friend from drowning in the river Zeta which flows through Danilovgrad, Montenegro. All regional media reported on this heroic deed. And this truly is an act worthy of respect and attention of the media. […]

The key to promoting and advertising content on the Internet is the creation of the Internet “traffic”. The media outlets, in fighting for survival and profit on the online market, often use clickbait as a tool – sensationalist headlines, the content of which mostly does not correspond to the following text. The clickbait uses natural […]

Soon after the rise of the “popularity” sites, about which was written in the first text,  marketing companies and experts, in order to prevent to be defrauded and to pay fake influencers for marketing services, have developed their own tools for „quality“ and „authenticity“ check of followers and likes. So that today with a small […]

On April 3rd, the portal borba.me published an article under the headline “Agreement between Pristina and Podgorica: Thaçi’s Tribunal will try soldiers from Montenegro!”, related to the alleged agreement between the Montenegrin President, Milo Djukanovic and the Kosovo President, Hashim Thaçi, on the extradition of the Montenegrin members of the Yugoslav Army who defended people […]

The portal in4s.net published on April 19th a story about a tanker truck that overturned while taking exit from Mojkovac in the direction of Pljevlja, near the bridge on the Đurđevića Tara river, pointing out that it was a tanker truck that allegedly transported illegally produced cigarettes in a factory in Mojkovac, calling for unknown […]

The issue of trolls and bots is present on the Internet since the existence of public communication platforms, from chatting to social media. The problem is that these terms are poorly understood and very often misused both in everyday life and in professional communication. Let us begin with trolling, named after a troll, a malicious […]

The topic of NATO on the territory of Montenegro and Serbia is an inexhaustible source for various conspiracy theories, placing unverified information and disinformation. One of those topics, which was and still is alive, not only in the media but in the public as well, is that Montenegro has not had and will not have […]

Neither were NATO bases installed in the Montenegrin cities, nor has Montenegro lost sovereignty, nor have our wages been lowered due to the North Atlantic Alliance membership. Everything that anti-membership supporters said turned out to be wrong – Dusko Markovic, the Government House in Cetinje, on the occasion of the first NATO membership anniversary . […]

In the midst of the story on anti-vaxxers and harmful effects of vaccines, which was popular a year ago, and which was one of the topics we have written about in our latest issue of the Magazine, in the end of March on portal srbijadanas.com appeared an article, emphasizing how American Air Education and Training […]

The peaceful civil protests have been organized since February in Montenegro, initially as a reaction to the scandal caused by the activities of a businessman Dusko Knezevic, who is wanted by Montenegrin police for tax evasion and money laundering. Knezevic has accused the highest Montenegrin officials, through the series of posts on social networks and […]

On April 11, 2019, the news about NATO intercepting a passenger plane in the Montenegrin airspace circulated through the Balkan media, along with headlines, such as: Drama in the Montenegrin Sky, NATO Hunters Strike Again on the Border with Serbia, This is a Huge Incident, which led to a benign air policing operation taking quite […]

Since February, peaceful civic protests have been organized in Montenegro, primarily as a reaction to the scandal caused by the activities of businessman Dusko Knezevic, who has been accused of tax evasion and money laundering by the Montenegrin authorities. Knezevic accused some of the highest-ranking Montenegrin officials of complicity in the series of posts on […]

Disinformation is now without a doubt an integral part of Russian foreign policy, but even though it feels brand new it dates way back. It has a long history and it is closely tied to the birth of the KGB in the 1950s and the doctrine of active measures. These active measures (Russian: активные мероприятия) […]

The use of social networks, such as Twitter, has significantly changed the interaction in the politician-voter relation. In this manner, the officials have become more available to the public, but, on the other hand, the use of Twitter in political purposes has enabled faster exchange of important information. This analysis, in the context of fake […]

Another headline containing the inevitable headline concerning NATO has appeared recently and has significantly drawn the readers’ attention. Namely, it is about a photo in which KFOR members pose expressing “Satanist” greeting in front of the Gracanica monastery in Kosovo and Metohija. A number of both Montenegrin and Serbian portals published this news under a […]

Foundations of professional journalism, at least the one inherited by Western civilization, shook the story of Claas Relotius, now a former journalist of German Spiegel (Der Spiegel). Reputation of the renowned German weekly, which has been being built up for seven decades, was tarnished when it came to light that their journalist fabricated, and even […]

The motivation for further research was found in the Kiev Post‘s article published on January 14, mentioning the alleged establishment of the Unité Continentale organization in Belgrade. Even though this article does not provide any further information, we decided to look into it a bit. Our first clue was French newspapers and portals, giving the […]