Disinformation Cases

This database represents a collection of all disinformation, fake news and misinformation cases our Digital Forensic Center Team had researched, categorized and debunked. DFC focuses on key messages carried in Montenegrin and wider information space, spreading semi-truthful, distorted or completely false information with the goal of discrediting and undermining democratic countries and societies.

Taking into consideration definitions above, two things are necessary to expose and explain either disinformation or fake news:

  1. Proof that the claims made are false.
  2. Proof that the falsehood was intentional.

Have you found a disputable article? Please share it with us, alongside things you find questionable.

A video-investigation conducted by the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin spent a huge amount of money on the extravagant palace at the Black Sea, generated more than 100 million views, just ten weeks after it has become viral. Alexei Navalny’s team posted the video after Navalny had been taken […]

One of tonight’s breaking news was that the Montenegrin police found 26,500 euros, laptops, and Serbian flags in the possession of three Serbian citizens and one inhabitant of Pljevlja, on the Rance border crossing. The citizens of Serbia, Rastko Pleskonjic, Mileta Mitrovic, and Nemanja Stajic as well as the Pljevlja inhabitant Radosav Sljivancanin that were […]

A couple of days before Christmas Eve and Christmas, numerous texts envisaging riots and chaos in Montenegro, planned allegedly by supporters of President Milo Djukanovic, were published. On January 3, Montenegro and Serbia-based news portals IN4S, Vidovdan, and Nacionalist started spreading the narratives on Djukanovic’s supporters calling for an uprising during Christmas. The articles read […]

After the death of Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral Amfilohije on October 30 due to COVID-19, numerous narratives, disinformation and conspiracy theories could have been read in the Serbian media. On October 29 in the late hours, the news portal Novosti was the first to publish that the Metropolitan had died.  In a short […]

After the constitutive session of the Parliament of Montenegro, a false edited video of the intonation of the state anthem appeared on social media. The video posted by Facebook page Српска ЧАСТ + Srpska ČAST is not authentic since the original interpretation of the anthem Oh Bright Down of May performed by the Music School […]

A disturbing video from Novi Sad displaying a young man brutally beating another man and breaking his arms while he was lying unconscious on the ground, appeared on social media on September 11. The identified perpetrator, Ivan Kontic from Montenegro that the police are intensively looking for, was the main topic of the Serbian media […]

The Aktuelno news portal published today disinformation in an article entitled: Bato’s rules in the SAO Budva: He opened a restaurant on the land seized from the state!? The article states that Marko Bato Carevic opened the national cuisine restaurant Carevic in the village Krimovica (the Municipality of Kotor) on land seized from the state. […]

The patriotic gathering which took place in Podgorica on September 6 (seven days after the parliamentary elections) attracted the attention of the local and regional media, almost to the same extent as the Parliamentary elections on August 30. On the eve of the gathering, many fake news pieces were published, predicting the unrest which would […]

Numerous fake news pieces were published in media and on social media on the eve of the tomorrow’s elections. As an example, the fake news that the French President Emmanuel Macron invited Montenegrins to vote for the opposition on the tomorrow’s elections appeared on social media this night. Many accounts published the photo from the […]

The news on the death of several hundreds of sparrows, due to a thunderstorm that hit Podgorica last night, created an avalanche of comments that the 5G technology is responsible for their death. That disinformation could be found among the readers’ comments on almost all Montenegrin news portals and their Facebook pages. The comments on […]

Proclaiming corona free destination on June 2 and opening the borders for particular countries in the region and Europe incited the new attacks on Montenegro Even though Kosovo and the upcoming elections in Serbia were the occasion and topic of the President Vucic’s appearance on the TV show FoKus on a B92 television (on June […]

A video with a description Eight days of protest in Poland against mandatory vaccination was posted on May 9 on a Facebook page Pravo na slobodu (Right to Freedom). The video displays tens of thousands of citizens gathered on the streets. Analysis of the video confirms its authenticity as well as the fact that the […]

In her speech in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia on April 29, 2020, Nada Kostic, MP, internist and professor on the Medical Faculty in Belgrade, presented numerous conspiracy theories on coronavirus, its emergence, situation development but also on the world in future. In the beginning of her address, Kostic emphasized that she will […]

The Protiv Novog Svetskog Poretka (Against New World Order) Facebook page posted on April 22 a video from the Next News Network TV show with dr. Rashid Buttar. Within fifty minutes, dr. Buttar made many assertions on the novel coronavirus, following many conspiracy theories including those already famous, like 5G network, Bill Gates, vaccination, and […]

The Digital Forensic Center analyzed an interview of Liu Jinn, an Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, published in the “Vijesti” daily newspaper on April 15. Since the coronavirus outbreak, China has been accused many times of not responding promptly and not sharing information with the rest of the world and the World Health […]

In days when almost the whole world is facing a lack of medical supplies needed to fight coronavirus, the piece of news that Russia is sending medical aid to the USA spread all around the world with almost the same intensity as the pandemic itself. And while many media outlets, including the American ones, were […]

UPDATE: After the article has been posted, the editorial of Novosti updated the original article adding that arrest took place two months ago and not today. An article headlined: Harvard professor made and sold coronavirus to China? FBI in major bust arrested the expert and two Chinese men (VIDEO), was posted on portal Novosti on […]

UPDATE: Following our announcement, the Montenegrin media CDM, RTCG, Portal Analitika, Antena M, Pobjeda, FOS Media and Kolektiv have corrected the information and announced that China has not officially declared the end of the epidemic. Numerous Montenegrin and regional portals have announced today that China has declared the end of the coronavirus epidemic outbreak. The […]

This week again, the Digital Forensic Center has noted numerous pieces of disinformation and new conspiracy theories on corona virus. Besides that, we also initiated new live blog where we are posting the most important information on COVID-19 from Montenegro, region and world. Find the most important events that marked this week in this weekly […]

A video of two Italians buying the allegedly efficient medicine to treat coronavirus on the Moscow airport has been circulating on social media. Two men entered a pharmacy and bought „Arbidol“, allegedly efficient medicine to treat coronavirus. Moreover, coronavirus is drawn on the packing of the medicine. One of the actors of the video is […]