DFC Monitoring of the Serbian media 2020/2021

This report is based on an analysis of a year-long monitoring process that lasted from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021, done by the Digital Forensic Center (DFC). The focus was on the Serbian media outlets, which have a great readership in Montenegro.

The report seeks to identify the primary narratives about Montenegro that were spread by the Serbian media outlets. This research encompasses 15.825 articles with Montenegro as the keyword and provides insight into narratives and the amount at which they were spread by the most read Serbian news portals in Montenegro.

The analysis showed that during 12 previous months, the news portals Alo, Espreso, Blic, Srbija danas, Kurir, and Informer had been the most read Serbian media in Montenegro, and at the same time the media that most often were spreading the content of debatable quality.

Daily coverage of the Serbian media on Montenegro would not be particular at all, had it not been dominated by sensational headlines, and the narratives addressing the broad audience. The monthly media reports show that the Serbian media are widely read in Montenegro, which raises concerns even more on the possibility of manipulating the Montenegrin public.

The report explains the main narratives that had been identified as part of the research project, with an analysis of the domains to which they belong, connections with the key social and political events, keywords, and how the audience engaged with the various narratives.

You can download the report via this link or by clicking on the photo below