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Facebook is the most popular social network in Montenegro, while Twitter is still rarely used for political purposes. Also, after the recent campaign by Dusko Knezevic, Instagram was mostly used for posting Montenegrin landscapes and selfies. Montenegrin businessman Dusko Knezevic, after being officially accused of money laundering and tax evasion, launched an Instagram campaign and […]

Disinforming citizens with a view to raising panic The Serbian organization Pravo na izbor posted on its Facebook page that NATO, in its book Immunological Adjuvants[1] and Vaccines, marked the vaccines as a biological weapon. The Pravo na izbor organization posted on its page an image highlighting that in this book on page 37 it […]

Asymmetric threats represent, inter alia, using weaknesses in the situations when the cracks emerge in the established system of government. Such situations are certainly periods of crisis, dissatisfaction, attitude expression through mass demonstrations, in a word, a game in which civil awareness indicates the problem. The “yellow vest” protests may be defined as an aspiration […]

Countries that are going through a transitioning period have been facing the population outflow for years. In times of crisis and conflicts, people with higher qualifications always leave for better working conditions. Waves of emigration, especially at the beginning and at the end of the 20th century, were almost always directed towards Western Europe and […]

The Government of Kosovo passed the decision on forming the Army of Kosovo, after the Parliament of Kosovo unanimously voted the Law on Kosovo Security Force. 106 MPs out of 120 seated Parliament of Kosovo, voted for passing on the Law, with total 45 amendments. The session was boycotted by the minority Serb MPs. Belgrade […]

Within “Russian Federation Foreign Policy Concept” the world is defined as polycentric, in which no country is presented as a “pole” but instead, reacts in accordance with the emerging situation. Such concept implies the rise in use of the so called “soft power”. Objectively speaking, Russia under Putin has very well estimated benefits of using […]

History has taught us that no propaganda and disinformation venture has endured the test of time, although the current world situation can make us doubt the value and strength of the truth. The thing in which the disinformation tactic is unsurpassed is most certainly making harm through creating chaos, instability and calling for actions with […]

This Policy paper and following recommendations are the result of the recently ended workshop, under the name “Information Warfare and the New World Order: Case Study Western Balkans“, which was organized by the Atlantic Council of Montenegro. Situation analysis The advances in both hardware and software related to information technology over the past 25 years […]

The 20th century was a very specific one.  It was a century of extreme violence, as witnessed by the years 1914 and 1939 with the outbreak of the First and Second World War. Simultaneously, however, there were also turning points of remarkable progress of technology and communication. The First and Second World War produced deadly […]