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COVID-19 cases in Montenegro and the regional countries have pushed the question of the church and processions into the background, with the negotiations between the experts’ teams of the Government and the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral postponed and the Law on Freedom of Religion and Belief placed in isolation. With the tensions raising […]

COVID-19, known as coronavirus, marked the beginning of 2020. It first appeared in the Chinese town of Wuhan and meanwhile it has been spread in 125 countries. According to the date of Worldometer, 4700 people died, currently, there are more than 54 000 active cases and more than 68 000 cases have been cured. Corona […]

Over more than two months after the adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion and Belief, the situation is the same. There is still, on one side, a faint voice of the Government, which adopted the Law, and on the other side, a loud voice of those who oppose the Law, as well as […]

The arrival of Metropolitan Onufry, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, was the topic of the new column of the rector of the Seminary of Saint Peter of Cetinje, Gojko Perovic, published yesterday (February 26) in a daily Vijesti. The significance of the information reflects in father Gojko’s announcement that the […]

The following article is the first piece of a two-part series done by our team and published by the DFRLab. Read more about the developments that shaped #Montenegro as a country, media, and information environment as well as foreign influence it faces today. During the last two months, the Balkan nation of Montenegro has been […]

In the midst of the events regarding the adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion, Russian influence and its meddling into political, national and religious (co)existence in Montenegro are becoming more intense. Russia is again using the opportunity to interfere in the internal affairs of Montenegro with a strong and dynamic media campaign. The […]

A regulated religious life in Montenegro has made public debate mostly focus on the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro. The Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral (MPC) is an institution that, according to many public opinion surveys, the citizens of Montenegro trust the most. For this reason, the attention of the public is conditioned by […]

During 2019, there have been a considerable number of texts published by Montenegrin media to discredit the Montenegrin institutions. In most of them, it is about the institutions of crucial importance, that concern defense, and security, being the pillar of the protection and security of a state and society. Attacks on those institutions are periodical, […]

The Proposal to the Law on Freedom of Religion or Belief and the Legal Status of Religious Communities was adopted by the votes of the ruling majority and the Social Democratic Party (SDP). The Proposal to the Law on Freedom of Religion or Belief and the Legal Status of Religious Communities, which will regulate, among […]

Publishing paid advertiser content that a newsroom does not influence has long been carried out as a way of increasing media outlets’ income. The conditions of the narrow Montenegrin market have made many media outlets – that are not subsidized from the Government’s budget – find difficult to achieve financial self-sustainability. That is why the […]

Due to the open editorial policy and the fact that an article could be written by anyone and not necessarily an expert, the information found on the website cannot be used in the scientific research. According to the last official data, Wikipedia exists in more than 300 different languages, with around 43 million articles, which […]

People-to-people diplomacy represents a Russian version of public diplomacy, different from the western one, which we will try to point out in this text. An international forum of Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture, entitled National Idea: From the Origins of Formation to Development Prospects opened on November 2nd, in Nizhny Novgorod. The […]

Social networks enable us to connect with others, find out new things and information, express our opinion, be active. However, recent events have just shown the ugly side of those platforms. An investigative journalist who has, during his career, reported and investigated topics, such as GRU, FSB, Chechen and Bulgarian mafia, corruption in the US […]

Fake posts concerning death of public figures, accusations for pedophilia, sexual predation and violence against women have been spotted on a couple of Facebook profiles. All of this led us to suspect the coordinated activities. Fake posts concerning death of public figures, accusations of pedophilia, sexual predation and violence against women have been spotted on […]

Many self-proclaimed experts, geo-strategists, theologians, and ufologists with questionable authority, often using pseudoscience, offer audiences alternative versions of reality. Michael Butter, a professor of American Literature and Cultural History at the University of Tübingen, spoke in the middle of this year in an interview for Deutsche Welle in which way conspiracy theories point to real […]

Recently, the attention of the world and the domestic public has been captured by the 5G network and its capabilities. Does the next generation network of higher capacity and reach represent a major advancement in technology or … The expert public agrees that this is a project aimed at faster data transfer technology with larger […]

The significance of anti-Fascist sentiment in Montenegro and Montenegro’s contribution to the People’s Liberation War, in terms of overall victory over fascism, is immeasurable. Montenegro celebrates the Statehood day to commemorate the day of July 13, 1878, when it was recognized as an independent country at the Berlin Congress, and of July 13, 1941, when […]

The news on the presence of Russian special forces on the territory of Norway (its mainland and archipelago of Svalbard) was published on September 27, on the Norwegian portal AldriMer. Citing independent and intelligence sources (gained by American reconnaissance aircrafts U-25 and RC-135V), the portal stated that the goal of the Russian intrusion was to collect […]

Three journalists from the Siberian city of Tomsk spontaneously started the story of the Immortal Regiment. Sergei Lapenkov, Sergei Kolotovkin, and Igor Dimitriev used the tradition of holding portraits of veterans, which was sporadically happening across Russia during the Victory Day celebrated in Russia on May 9. The three of them noticed that there were […]

Over 2000 arrested and five suicides linked to the protests are the result of a tense situation that has caused Chinese authorities to send security forces to the border with the Autonomous Region, directly creating a large-scale international crisis. After the support to the protesters was send from Taiwan and other international addresses, the situation became even […]