Base Bondsteel soldiers do not show the Satanic sign

Another headline containing the inevitable headline concerning NATO has appeared recently and has significantly drawn the readers’ attention. Namely, it is about a photo in which KFOR members pose expressing “Satanist” greeting in front of the Gracanica monastery in Kosovo and Metohija. A number of both Montenegrin and Serbian portals published this news under a controversial headline.

The portal IN4S published, on 28th February 2019, an article entitled “American NATO Troops Expressing Satanic Greeting in front of the Gracanica Monastery” with the explanation that the hang loose greeting made through the specific position of the thumb and pinky finger represents a modern form of Satanism and is one of a numerous occult greetings.

The photo, de facto, exists and it was initially published on February 8th on Facebook page KFOR – Multinational Battle Group-East, where it was stated that the soldiers were paying a visit to the Gracanica monastery, learning about the history of the monastery, as well as helping in creating more solid relations in Kosovo. However, if we search the term “hang loose” or “shaka sign” on the Internet, we will find out that, in fact, there are no links with the so-called modern satanic greeting, that it originates from Hawaii and symbolizes the greeting that means everything will be OK, or as the English would say “take it easy”.


The greeting which the soldiers expressed in the photo reminded the portal editors of the satanic greeting and invoking the devil, however, it is not true. The satanic greeting would be made with the extended thumb, index finger and pinky holding the two remaining fingers curled. If we are to go further in analyzing the disputable greeting, it may represent calling the God.

The text focuses on 1999 bombing – it mentions NATO soldiers in the context of “Satan’s deputies” with a view to promoting the story on diseases that are allegedly caused by depleted uranium.

Taken by this news, some of the portals have just copied the writings of the abovementioned IN4S, thus Večernje novosti,,,,,, have, inter alia, published the same article without checking what “hang loose “actually stands for and therefore, by publishing disinformation, deceived the public.

Unlike them, the Informer published this news, emphasizing that the greeting which the Base Bondsteel soldiers expressed in the photo in front of the Gracanica monastery, in fact, symbolizes calling the God and linked it with a famous football player Ronaldinho and the manner he celebrated every scored goal.

Some of the readers, well aware of the topic and writings, have also expressed their attitude and launch an avalanche of the comments in regard to this article.

We come to the conclusion that the headline is intended to draw readers’ attention and create an image that the KFOR soldiers in this manner disdained and insulted the abovementioned monastery based on the non-verified information.