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Election campaign – fighting for the votes on Facebook

All around the world, social media have been actively used as the means of influence in the prominent events and political processes. However, Facebook is the most used when it comes to the election campaigns, thanks to its features and tools. It offers a feature to collect numerous data easily, which enables the targeting of […]

Negation of Montenegro – the narrative that dominates

Negation of Montenegro – the narrative that dominates and by that could be heard in the IN4Smisija (IN4Smission) TV show of a newly founded the IN4S National television on July 14, was also rich with debatable statements. Besides the general attitude that Serbs have been endangered all across the Western Balkan region, the TV show […]

Dr. Gajic for the DFC Magazine: The virus is spreading as fast as disinformation

Doctors who express unverified and controversial attitudes during coronavirus pandemic contribute to the creation of the information chaos, said Ognjen Gajic for the DFC magazine, a specialist in intensive care medicine and lung disease at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, assessing that a vaccine for COVID-19 will be found faster than in the case of […]

Read the new DFC Magazine issue

In the new DFC Magazine read what Dr. Ognjen Gajic, a doctor at the famous Mayo Clinic said about disinformation being as harmful as the coronavirus; why Facebook groups are destroying America; whether the referendum in Russia made Putin’s legitimacy weaker; and which disinformation on Montenegro spread by the Belgrade’s media made June.

The overseas lobbying for the Serbian interests in MNE

In the context of the current events in Montenegro, the emergence of numerous organizations advocating for the Serbian interests and rights in Serbia and over the world is noticeable The Serbian- American Leadership Conference (SALC) was particularly noticeable due to its activities and rhetoric on social media (Facebook and Twitter),  offering selective facts and thus […]


More insults from the same address

Proclaiming corona free destination on June 2 and opening the borders for particular countries in the region and Europe incited the new attacks on Montenegro Even though Kosovo and the upcoming elections in Serbia were the occasion and topic of the President Vucic’s appearance on the TV show FoKus on a B92 television (on June […]


Zonjo for the DFC Magazine: We love sucking on phallic candies of fake news

Montenegro is the least developed society in Europe when it comes to media and informatics literacy. Instead of searching for reliable information on relevant media, we wait for them to appear on social media, estimated Zoran Markovic Zonjo, director and member of The Books of Knjige (TBOK) organization, in the interview for the DFC Magazine. […]


The objectiveness of the IFIMES’ analyses in question

The Digital Forensic Center did a detailed analysis of the pieces of research of the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan studies (IFIMES), due to discovered inconsistencies in claims, biased coverage of specific topics and changing attitude towards the events and players in a short period. In their last research 2020 Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro: Dodik […]

Montenegrin tourism under attack of the Serbian tabloids

Last days, the intensive anti-Montenegrin campaign on the Serbian portals aims at degrading the image of Montenegro as an attractive tourist destination. The Serbian and pro-Serbian media are not missing the opportunity to emphasize the weaknesses of the tourist offer on Montenegrin littoral, while simultaneously favoring other destinations. Not considering the essence of the Montenegrin […]