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Through the labyrinth of fake profiles

Fake posts concerning death of public figures, accusations for pedophilia, sexual predation and violence against women have been spotted on a couple of Facebook profiles. All of this led us to suspect the coordinated activities. Fake posts concerning death of public figures, accusations of pedophilia, sexual predation and violence against women have been spotted on […]


Figure of the week: 75,000

Facebook took down 50 Instagram accounts that indicated links to the Internet Research Agency (IRA) and posted 75,000 times. An analysis of the recent disinformation campaign by Graphika, a leading data science and network analysis firm, reveals how Instagram accounts posting about US social and political issues and the 2020 election aimed to polarise communities of swing […]

Proponents of conspiracy theories – out of belief or necessity?

Many self-proclaimed experts, geo-strategists, theologians, and ufologists with questionable authority, often using pseudoscience, offer audiences alternative versions of reality. Michael Butter, a professor of American Literature and Cultural History at the University of Tübingen, spoke in the middle of this year in an interview for Deutsche Welle in which way conspiracy theories point to real […]


“DFC 365“ Conference, organized by the Atlantic Council of Montenegro was held on October 22, 2019, in Centreville hotel in Podgorica. The Conference served as the occasion to present a year of work of the Digital Forensic Center (DFC), a section of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro which is actively engaged in debunking of disinformation […]

2024 – A year of tectonic changes?

The portal RIA Novosti (Rus. РИА Новости) published on October 20, 2019, a text entitled Swedish economist: In 2024, Russia will fall apart or ruin the world. The text, in an ironical manner, analyses a book The Crash of 2024 by Stefan Fölster, a renowned Swedish economist. The author of the book predicts a hybrid […]

The Balkan powder keg

Körber Policy Game is a small group of politicians, senior officials and experts who analyze fictitious scenarios and their potential consequences globally. The group is engaged in projecting current foreign and security policy trends into a future scenario, seeking to develop a deeper understanding of the interests and priorities of different countries and possible challenges. […]


Does 5G network pose a threat to health?

Recently, the attention of the world and the domestic public has been captured by the 5G network and its capabilities. Does the next generation network of higher capacity and reach represent a major advancement in technology or … The expert public agrees that this is a project aimed at faster data transfer technology with larger […]

Historical revisionism or propaganda?

The significance of anti-Fascist sentiment in Montenegro and Montenegro’s contribution to the People’s Liberation War, in terms of overall victory over fascism, is immeasurable. Montenegro celebrates the Statehood day to commemorate the day of July 13, 1878, when it was recognized as an independent country at the Berlin Congress, and of July 13, 1941, when […]

It did (not) happen again

According to another reporting of the Borba portal, the Montenegrin citizens were players of the international cocaine smuggling, this time in Johannesburg. As reported, Mihailo Pavicevic and Matija Kascelan were found on September 29 during a police action, after one arrested fellow citizen gave information on them to the police. According to the portal findings, […]

Russian soldiers on the Norwegian soil?

The news on the presence of Russian special forces on the territory of Norway (its mainland and archipelago of Svalbard) was published on September 27, on the Norwegian portal AldriMer. Citing independent and intelligence sources (gained by American reconnaissance aircrafts U-25 and RC-135V), the portal stated that the goal of the Russian intrusion was to collect […]