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Read the new DFC Magazine issue

The 24th DFC Magazine issue brings an interview with Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President of the Atlantic Council of the U.S., which discussed with us, among other things, the influence of disinformation campaigns on democratic processes, as well as the biggest challenges for the new Government in Montenegro. The Magazine also addressed the contradictory comments […]

Wilson for the DFC: Divisions the biggest challenge of the new Government

NATO will have an eye on the people coming into the key positions in the security services, said Executive Vice President at Atlantic Council of the United States Damon Wilson in an interview for the DFC Magazine, stating that the biggest challenge of the new Government would be to overcome the divisions. Commenting on the […]


A false state anthem inserted instead of the real one

After the constitutive session of the Parliament of Montenegro, a false edited video of the intonation of the state anthem appeared on social media. The video posted by Facebook page Српска ЧАСТ + Srpska ČAST is not authentic since the original interpretation of the anthem Oh Bright Down of May performed by the Music School […]

Read the new DFC Magazine issue

The parliamentary elections and the campaign marked the month behind us, which is the reason why this DFC Magazine issue mostly addresses these topics. Therefore, besides debunked disinformation and fake news published on the eve and after the elections, find out which political party spent the largest amount of money on Facebook ads in August. […]

Patriotic gathering: chaos was announced, but there were no incidents

The patriotic gathering which took place in Podgorica on September 6 (seven days after the parliamentary elections) attracted the attention of the local and regional media, almost to the same extent as the Parliamentary elections on August 30. On the eve of the gathering, many fake news pieces were published, predicting the unrest which would […]