2024 – A year of tectonic changes?

The portal RIA Novosti (Rus. РИА Новости) published on October 20, 2019, a text entitled Swedish economist: In 2024, Russia will fall apart or ruin the world.

The text, in an ironical manner, analyses a book The Crash of 2024 by Stefan Fölster, a renowned Swedish economist. The author of the book predicts a hybrid war, that will allegedly start Russia against the West. It is interesting that the war will start in Montenegro. The book was published at the beginning of September this year. According to RIA Novosti portal, Russia will initially take control over the financial system in order to lift the sanctions imposed on it, and then begin to conquer other countries.

Book The Crash of 2024

According to the book, Russia will start its aggressive actions in Montenegro, where the bikers known as Night Wolves, armed to the teeth, will organize a coup. Then Russia will shift to Serbia and Bulgaria, after which the Kremlin will start the invasion of southern Ukraine from Crimea, etc. Finally, Stockholm will become a victim torn apart by Russia only to intimidate the West, and with Sweden not being a NATO member the Western allies will not stand up for it.

The portal RIA Novosti further states that, according to the book, Russia will occupy Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Serbia, annex southern Ukraine and destroy Stockholm by a rocket, calling this thriller another sci-fi book published in the West. And all would be fine, but they try to impose this plot on the local man as a realistic forecast of probable events – the Russians have already begun to implement this scenario. The creation, which contains obvious signs of slander, is actively promoted in the Swedish press and is positioned as a wise warning to naive Sweden, states the comment of the mentioned text on the RIA Novosti portal.

The portal emphasizes the date as well – 2024. Many people predicted that Russia will fall apart in 2017. However, 2017 has passed and all those who prophesied the catastrophe began to come up with a new date. Now at least they have some explanation for the following milestone: in 2024 the next presidential election in Russia is planned. What is characteristic: the names of real politicians and public figures of today’s Russia are woven into this book. Only Putin is mentioned 89 times. The saddest thing is that the author of this fantasy is a well-known person in his country. Stefan Fölster is a Swedish economist, winner of the Best Book of the Year award from a number of financial newspapers, concludes the author of the text on the mentioned portal.

Taking into regard the text of RIA Novosti, a book The Crash of 2024 has apparently provoked tempestuous reactions in Russia.

Stefan Fölster said at the Investor Meeting, held on September 1st that the events introduced in the book are based on fairly realistic conditions when it comes to finances and economics, and he also warned that the thriller is not only entertainment but also a thinker for anyone who is thinking about Sweden’s future, or for that matter their own finances.